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Coach Hendrickson will lead the Duluth East Speed, Strength, and Agility Program.

Coach Hendrickson will lead the Duluth East Speed, Strength, and Agility Program.

Duluth East  Speed, Strength, and Agility is a program for ALL ATHLETES entering 5th Grade-12th Grade during the 2019-2020 school year at Duluth East High School or feeder schools that are interested in increasing their speed, agility, and overall body strength.

High School Sessions
Activities in each 90-minute session will be broken up during the week to allow for ultimate muscle breakdown and recovery. Duluth East Speed, Strength, and Agility is designed for the serious athlete or fitness enthusiast. Workouts will be designed to be intense. Each athlete will have lifting program that s/he has to follow as well as an interval training program to help increase speed and stamina. Athletes will be taught technique, proper lifting form, and will be led through lifts so the athletes could develop and thrive in a safe environment. We have two-sessions to choose from within our High School level; Session 1 is designed for “advanced” lifters with more experience. Session 2 is designed for “moderate level” lifters with a little less experience.

NOTE: We will still accept “advanced” lifters in Session 2 (and vice versa) if personal schedule does not permit attendance at preferred session.

Middle School Sessions
Activities in each 45-minute session will be designed to foster proper form while lifting and have better spatial recognition of our body’s movements. Our goal in 45-minute long session is to get stronger through body-weight (and some light dumbbell weights) exercises as well as increase our speed through plyometric and agility training. To instill muscle memory at a younger age, should give your child a huge advantage in all aspects of athletics moving forward!

A Note for All Athletes
Although this requires a small financial investment, we believe it lays the foundation for a successful future for our athletes and all of our sports programs at Duluth East. The season for true “gains” is the off-season. Your off-season development as an athlete will determine not only next season’s success, but also the success you achieve in the future as an athlete. The “committed” kids will separate from the “not so committed” during the off-season. You can spend all of the time in the world on the court or field, but if you do not find time to work on your speed, strength, and agility in a serious matter, you will not be as successful as the other the teams or athletes we compete against.

Coach Hendrickson
Mike Hendrickson, an Osseo native, comes to us with great experience working with middle school, high school, and college athletes. Mike is a Certified Personal Trainer in Duluth who commonly works with many sports teams and individual athletes at East High School. He has started lifting and plyometric programs for both high school and middle school athletes and has seen increases in both the speed and strength of the athletes.

Workout Schedule

High School Session 1: TBD

High School Session 2: TBD

High School Session 3: TBD

Middle School Session 1: TBD

Middle School Session 2: TBD